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A couple of adventurous girls take a film crew along to check out an abandoned building, said to be haunted and filled with spirits; what better place to film some kink for SexJapanTV.com. The two honeys make their way to a back room to leave their mark. Squatting down, each girl "puddles;" one uses their stairs and creates her own "waterfall." Then, they begin to make out and enjoy the "privacy" of the structure. Softly kissing and caressing one girl's breasts, the pair shares their desires. Undressing one another, each playfully satisfies the other. The real fun begins when a strap-on is pulled out, gloved up, and inserted right into that hot furry pussy. Slowly thrusting back and forth, the girls moan and gasp at the sensations. Orgasaming, the two then share a sweet kiss, and one last spook.

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